Shopping and storing of materials

All delivered materials go through strict qualitative control, we buy only from approved and respected delivers. After qualitative and quantitative receipt of materials they are implemented in the storing system and they are taken in the production by the expiry date. We apply storing system „First In First Out“ (FIFO). Areas for storing of materials meet all specified conditions for storing of food.

Mixing of powdery mixtures

The materials are dosed in the mixing equipments by the exact set producing recipe. Operation of the equipment is responsible for the input and exit of the materials, respectively product.

Packing of products

We pack completed products in different kinds of food approved package and we weigh by customer requirements.
Batch of package – from 10 g to 25 kg (mechanical or manual packing).

Storing of final products

Areas for storing of products are separated from the areas for storing of materials. Products are stored already completed and they are ready for expedition. Store meet all requiered conditions for food storing.


Products are transported by our transporters straight to the customers. In case of requirements of customers we use the servis of authorized and reliable contractual transporters.