Safety of the products – system HACCP

Safety of the packed and mixed products, seasoning mixtures and mixtures of additives for food industry is secured especially by:

  • – Implemented and functional system HACCP, which gives a definition of good production and hygiene practice
  • – Input control of material
  • – Interoperative control of the composition of the products while mixing of mixtures
  • – Exit control of final products

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

System of the critical points ensure preventive and systematical acces to identification of hazard of health insanitary and to reduction of its origin on time. Strict application strongly decrease not only health hazards but also economical losses in the production. System of the critical points is focused on key factors, which have influence on safety and health insanitary of food in the whole food chain from the processing of materail to sale of it.