Mixing and packing of powdery mixtures

Because of the technical and capacitive facilities of the factory we are capable to offer to our customers complete service, what is storing of input materials, mixing of the mixtures due to requirements (recipe) of the customer, afterwards packing of the products in required batch, completion, storing of completed products and distribution to final customer.

Packing materials and products

Based on your requirements we will pack you materials or final products from 10g to 25kg in food approved packages by your choice. In case of interest do not hesitate to contact us via telephone and we will prepare to you price offer for your special requirements.

We will complete packed goods, mark by your (or our) labels and prepare to expedition.

Storing and logistic

We offer you storing of your materials or products in the area of our factory. We have available manipulating facilities, what facilitate loading and unloading of goods. We will prepare the stored goods for expedition to you or we will arrange the distribution, it means transport by our transporters, in case of larger volumes we use the service of authorized and reliable contractual transporters.